Saturday, July 07, 2007

Unnecessary Sequels...

You know, I just read something the other night that bothered me....

Usually I'm a huge fan of sequels, as long as they aren't stupid, useless, or for a movie that would not or does not need another addition (Like Titanic, or Big....for example...Sequels just wouldn't work).

I read an article that seemed highly unlikely, so this may be a rumor at best.  Dennis Hopper mentioned the possibility of a Speed sequel...yes....Speed 3

Honestly, where do you even begin with that.  Hopper's character was decapitated in the first one, and a prequel would just be impossible considering how much he's aged.  So I ask, if reception was so bad for the first sequel (which isn't great),, why even bother...The original Speed was a great movie...seriously, a great action film......Why tarnish it's name with a third film, which, and many people may agree, is totally unnecessary and also not very exciting?

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