Thursday, July 19, 2007

What's wrong with this person?!

Seriously, just came across this USA Today article, where they speak briefly about and to the person who's responsible for putting pictures of every single page of the latest Harry Potter book onto the Internet.

(NOTE: To avoid potential spoilers, I just read the first couple of paragraphs.  I suggest any people who venture to this article do the same)

What he's essentially doing, which he says was "for fun" is one of the cruelest actions a person could do.  What kind of person gets a kick out of ruining and spoiling potential surprises for one of the biggest events/book releases of the century?

Honestly, it makes me angry that someone would have fun doing that.  He goes on to say he did it because he "doesn't play sports, doesn't have a girlfriend, and doesn't have a job".  How about you get off your butt and do something better than be cruel to millions of Harry Potter fans.

Millions of people, just like me, surely are avoiding spoilers like this guy....but there's always someone out there looking to play spoiler......It'll be nice not to have to worry after this weekend.

Via USA Today

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